Minutes Friends of Ferris - Annual General Meeting
November 18th @ 1800 hr Grind House Café - Campbellford

Barb Hogan, Fred Ellis, Carole Ellis John Knox, Bob Hogan, Mike Anderson, Gerhart Marzinski, Rose Odell, Marlaine Bennett, Doreen Sharpe, Carol Robertson, Tom Mates
Guests: Graham Wilson, Sue Dickens - Community Press

Barb welcomed everyone to the meeting, Thanks to Gerhart for allowing the meeting to be held at the Grind House Café.
Review of AGM Correction - Marlaine Bennett and Al Graham to be added as Directors Minutes Correction approved by Mike Anderson, seconded by Bob Hogan. Minutes as corrected approved by Mike Anderson, seconded by Rose Odell.
Bank Balance as of August 31, 2009 $8,983.01 Statement attached John Knox made motion to accept, seconded by Fred Ellis Copy sent to Revenue Canada Noted several families gave large donations
Budget for 2009-2010 to be discussed at the next meeting

Amendment of Constitution and Bylaws
Change date of AGM to be within 180 days after year end
Kathy to put changes on internet
John noted - address change to Ferris Park office, 474 County Road 28
Remove references to Trent Hills
Barb to email a copy of the constitution to all board members
To have president, vice president, secretary, treasurer, and 5 directors Bob Hogan & Marlaine Bennett stepped down from board
Past President position for 1 year to mentor.
Board members for 2009 - 2010 - Barb Hogan, John Knox, Fred Ellis, Carole Ellis, Mike Anderson, Al Graham, Rose Odell, Gerhard Marzinski, Carol Robertson. John made motion, seconded by Fred - Unanimous, Carried Positions to be decided at next meeting.
Ontario Parks
Tom thanked everyone for all the volunteer work done in the park. Ontario Parks made $0.79 on each $l.00 spent, Tom stated this is good The hydro sites were the first to be reserved Ferris Park is great for campers not requiring a beach Gates to be put at entrance to camping area and at office to close access at off season. No gate to be put at day use area
The Stone Wall to be pictured on Tabloid
Several campsites closed for rehabilitation.
Chimney Swift project to be done on Friday, Nov. 20
Nick Borton did a great job as park warden
In 2010 Tom is hoping to install new roofs on the vault toilets at the Suspension Bridge
The Town will grade the roads
Tom has submitted a request for 20 more hydro sites in the budget for 2011
Ontario Parks to plough or arrange for ploughing of the parking lot a the main gate
Signs to be put up for Ski Trail by Barb & Al
Al & Tom to work on Trailhead signs - separate trailhead signs with descriptive map, and photos, etc.
Agreement is arranged with River Rats Snowmobile Club for access through park.
Fred commented on the tremendous amount of trimming and maintenance of the roads That has been done by Park staff this year, and how good the park looks.
Ski Trail/ To advertise the ski trail on the Ferris and Ontario Parks website, Possibly put on radio.
Snow Shoes Promote at high school for their Ski Club
Sue Dickens could promote in Community Press
To put posters in kiosks.
Peterborough - Mr. Lynch - could promote in his advertising local trails open Al has ski maps to be printed up.
Could have a Ski Day.
Non-profit advertising in community papers
To include snow shoes
Ski Trails have been trimmed. Signs to go up - Al and Barb Al to get price on ski trail maps - 3 fold .
To order 500 or as appropriate

Volunteer Hours - To be recorded by each person. Barb to keep sheets and hand out at each meeting.

March Speaker
After discussion, it was decided to ask Terry Sprage to speak - he will speak on Prince Edward County for approx 45 minutes at no charge. To ask if he could speak for another half hour on our area, to pay for this Possible dates - March 24 or 25.

Acknowledgements - in 2008 - 2009
Added 57 new members this year
John Shaw- Rimmington spoke at the Aron Theatre re: dry stone walls
Rose Odell made a mini boardwalk displaying the names of all donors to the boardwalk building fund
Trillium Walk - Rose Odell - record turnout - Artwork displayed at Bennett's Furniture
Kite Day - Fred & Carole Ellis - over 400 people
One tent damaged, Friends replaced, recently tent was donated back.
John to issue tax receipt
Also Friends bought 1 car tent
Music Fest - Barb Hogan - bigger than last year
Stone Walls - Barb Hogan arranged, Carol Robertson participated. Excellent project
Trail Fest - Graham Wilson - great turnout (Graham may return for trail fest 2010)
Storage Shed built - good to store all our equipment, Barb, Bob, Al, Fred, Carol Robertson, Carol Greven, assisted by Tom
Benches - installed 3 new, and repaired others Barb, Bob Fred and assisted by Nick Borton off hours
Trail Markers - maintained by Al, and Bob
Website - Kathy Smit
Osprey nest repaired by Doug Simpson
Ontario Parks - Tom Mates, Nick Borton, Barb has put together photo album of events Music Fest - needs new chair person for next year as Barb Hogan is stepping down.
Mike thanked Barb for the great job she has done with this, all good reports this year.

Meeting Adjourned
Next Meeting: Wednesday, December 16th, 2009 at 1800 hr. At the Grind House Café on Front Street

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