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April 6, 2011


1. Review of Agenda

2. Approval of minutes from last meeting February 9, 2011

3. Review of minutes February 9, 2011

Hasty Notes and Post Cards – Mike Anderson and Carol Robertson
- Note cards in Caroline’s
- $200 allotted
- question arose about HST? How much do they sell for? What % does Caroline get? How many have been printed and what were the costs?
- Mike was to look into C. of C. Brian Redden
- Make postcards sell to Trent Hills bulk
- Thank you card was sent to Vivian Smallwood for donation of plexi glass for stands made by Carol

Historical/Cultural Signage
- I went to Mrs. MacMillians and took photos of her work. Will add to photo album
- Are the signs done, finished version
- Received a package from Katherine Ford (daughter of Jerrine Ferris, great granddaughter of John Berry Ferris (J.M.’s brother), Great Great granddaughter of James Marshall Ferris #1),   also will add to photo album

Trail Head Signs
- need list of materials to mount signs
- Mike and Gerhard were to speak with Dave Smith about using his portable saw to cut cedar posts supplied by Mike
- Too early for dates to assemble signage?

Photos on tour
- Carol has done a magnificent job with photos.
- Thank you card sent to Brent Townsend for hooks, bumpers and future mattes
- Thank you to Gerhard and the Grind House Café for starting off our display in March
- Campbellford Library in April

- ski season is over
- Tom was looking into groomer for next year
- What needs to be done for spring?

- We are now on Face Book; I have been set up as co-administrator with Kathy so that I can add photos etc.

Brochures/Pham lets
- Thank you to Tom/Ont Parks for printing our membership brochures and newsletter (200 of each)
- Thank you to Carol for coming over and editing the newsletter
- Trail maps, John was going to look at finances 5000 for $1200
- We need to look at getting the Spring Flower brochure printed

Tree Identification
- Tom or Carol report

Photo Contest
- update from Al or Tom
- Al has been working with Kathy for getting the information up on the website

Civic Award
- Fred did not win with our nomination

2011 Events
Admission to events
- All events (excluding Kite Day) will require a permit to enter the park.
- Need to have a sandwich board sign made to have at front gate
- “Park Pass or Admission by donation to Today’s Event” or any other suggestion

April 20th – 7:00 Exploring the Night Skies from Northumberland County – Barb Hogan chair
- Aron Cinema $100
- with Terence Dickinson $175
- Gerhard has confirmed that Terry and Gerry Humphries can supply a computer to view disc, working on getting sound
- Very positive response, anticipating full house, had a call asking for advance tickets, Peterborough/Belleville Astronomy Clubs, comments from gentleman from Cobourg and one from   Toronto
- Who can volunteer for evening

September 1 – 7:30 Exploring the Night Skies from Ferris Park – Barb Hogan chair
- with Terence Dickinson and friends $175
- have had excellent response from Rick Stankiewicz, Peterborough Astronomy club. He is also liaison with Belleville club

May 1st Trillium Walk - Rose Odell chair
- I will not be able to attend this event

May 29th Kite Day – Fred and Carole Ellis chair
- entry to park will be full admission

TBA Stone Walls – Carol Robertson chair
- confirming September 3 & 4 dates
- Mike was to approach another individual about leading course

October 2nd Trail Fest/Fungi walk
- Jan Thornbury is confirmed ($50 honorarium)
- Need phone number to contact (not listed)

4. Financial Report – John Knox
- budgets for projects
- flower brochures (Spring & Summer/Fall), Trail Maps, Plexi glass trail head signs, boardwalk, event advertising, note cards and postcards
- Thank you cards sent to donators over $50

5. New Business

Accessibility Work shop – Sandy Chapman

Cultural Plan Seminar – Barb, Rose, Sandy

Urban Poling – Carol Robertson

6. Ontario Parks – Tom Mates

7. Next meeting

8. Motion to adjourn


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